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Certificate of Advanced English

This is the second highest level Cambridge ESOL exam, at level C1 of the Council of Europe's (COE) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This exam recognises the ability to communicate with confidence in English and deal with most aspects of everyday life.






Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency


The acronyms BICS and CALP refer to a distinction introduced by Cummins (1979) between basic interpersonal communicative skills and cognitive academic language proficiency.





CATS publication


Children and Teenagers


CATS, the publication of the IATEFL Young Learners SIG, is read by hundreds of ELT professionals all over the world. If you have a product or service which you'd like to bring to the attention of these people, advertising in CATS offers a simple and cost-effective solution.






Curriculum Development Council


CDC is a Hong Kong government department which focuses on the development of territory wide curriculums in educational institutions.






Common European Framework


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Learning, Teaching, Assessment



Developed through a process of scientific research and wide consultation, this document provides a practical tool for setting clear standards to be attained at successive stages of learning and for evaluating outcomes in an internationally comparable manner. The Framework provides a basis for the mutual recognition of language qualifications, thus facilitating educational and occupational mobility. It is increasingly used in the reform of national curricula and by international consortia for the comparison of language certificates. A recent European Union Council Resolution (November 2001) recommended the use of this Council of Europe instrument in setting up systems of validation of language competences.


The Framework is a document which describes in a comprehensive manner


- the competences necessary for communication

- the related knowledge and skills

- the situations and domains of communication


The Framework is of particular interest to course designers, textbook writers, testers, teachers and teacher trainers - in fact to all who are directly involved in language teaching and testing.


It facilitates a clear definition of teaching and learning objectives and methods and provides the necessary tools for assessment of proficiency.






Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults


Teaching English to speakers of other languages can be a highly rewarding career, offering you the chance to live and work abroad. You will need an internationally recognised teaching qualification, and CELTA - highly regarded throughout the world - gives you the skills you need and will make it easier to get a teaching job anywhere.






Certificate in English Language Teaching for Young Learners


CELTYL shows you have the skills needed to teach English to children or teenagers in language schools. This international qualification gives you a solid basis in the fundamentals of language teaching practice and the confidence to take control of young learners in the classroom.






A community of practice


"The concept of a community of practice (often abbreviated as CoP) refers to the process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject or problem collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations".






Certificate of Proficiency in English


This is the highest level Cambridge ESOL exam, at level C2 of the Council of Europe's (COE) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). This exam is for those who are approachng a standard of English similar to that of an educated native speaker and is able to function effectively in almost any English-speaking environment








Classroom research is more than just teaching techniques and tricks, though; its basic idea might be best described as "the systematic investigation of the effects of our teaching on student learning for the purpose of improving instruction." It consists of two aspects: a repertoire of techniques for getting information from students about their learning and an effort to organize that information into a larger picture of practical learning theory.







Central and Eastern European Teaching English as a Foreign Language list.


http://www.volny.cz/cetefl DJN





Content and Language Integrated Learning: In a classroom you teach a content in a foreign or second language. This can be done as a project or all the time. It can be done only during a certain part of the lessons or in every lesson.

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