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Post graduate Certificate in Education


The equivalent to a PGCE offered in the UK, a PCED is offered in Hong Kong.





Preliminary English Test

A intermediate level Cambridge ESOL exam, testing the ability to cope with everyday written and spoken communications.




Post graduate Certificate in Education


This is awarded after a one-year full-time course of teacher training for graduates.


The emphasis of the course lies upon professional preparation in partnership with associated schools in local education authorities.






Post Graduate Diploma in Education


This is a flexible, two-year part-time programme consisting of school and university based sessions, including one-to-one tutorial meetings, seminars and work-shops. All programmes are developed in partnership with teachers, and aim to promote teacher research.







Pupil talking time (as opposed to TTT - teacher talking time).


PPP Formerly a much-used model in teacher training courses, now thought by many to be outdated - presentation, practice, production. DJN

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